So i had a problem with my vehicle!

So I had a problem with my vehicle!!!

I spent some time in January 2016 on the road. I travelled with a Volvo v50, 2006 model car.
Lot of car, Brilliant machinery with many extra’s on the vehicle. The drive is exceptionally smooth, it’s comfortable, and with its cruise control settings everything computerized on this vehicle it sets you on your way. For a 2006 model, it has very similar features in comparison to a 2014/2015 model vehicle.

On my way I am, stopped at a few small towns in the Western Cape visited a few places and off I went.
One of the stops I made in a small town on my return. I tried starting the vehicle and it switched off. Started it again and switched off again. I decided to keep my foot on the brake and the other foot on the accelerator as I was kind of helpless with an automatic vehicle. There was a service message witched popped up whilst driving didn’t take much note of it. For 1 I was shocked as the vehicle tells you everything to the extent should a bulb fuse it speaks to you. Nevertheless, the orange light came on eventually which means it is now telling you please check me out I am not well=( However, the thing that puzzled me the most was not the vehicle, although I am kind of stranded and don’t know who to call at this point. I was puzzled at so many friendly people, smiles on their faces, people who are willing to help but cannot do much. I took the vehicle to the only auto in the town which I was recommended by a good mechanic in the town. In the end no one was equipped to work on this specific vehicle or many computerised vehicles for that matter. The advice I was given from the mechanic and the auto was to get to the agents which was more than 100km away.

What do one do in this case? What if I was in a total different city? In my opinion mechanics, autos etc. in many cases not all, are not always equipped or have the skill to do the job. With our older vehicles which was not as much computerised, mechanics and autos tend to do exceptional work in many cases. Plugging in a laptop in a vehicle is not always 100% accurate which in many cases people are forced to strip the vehicle and find the problem.

Matters of concern is what do we do with these vehicles after many years of driving? With some of them parts are not easily found. If we were only to buy parts from the agents on our vehicles, would this not mean the actually cost of the vehicle is higher than expected?

Please chat to me if you had any problems with specific vehicles which specialist could not fix.

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