Whats good for under R50.000 ?



What would be a good vehicle to purchase for a 1st time buyer for under R50 000

There are many good cars out there which 1 would you choose?

In my opinion, I respect many brands, engines, speed, etc. However, I would classify myself as looking for a vehicle which is economical, low on maintenance and price efficiency.

I remember at a younger age I went for speed, looks, loud music and didn’t care much for the pocket as everything I worked for went into my vehicle.
Today, my thinking is long term, fuel efficient, maintenance, not much brand preference but more pocket preference as I believe everything financially should be an investment.

When I was a first time owner I always wanted a Toyota as I loved the look of some of these cars. I kept up with fashion trends and wouldn’t mine not going to the movies as it would give less time spending with my life partner at the time. Over the years my thinking changed for the future as maturity knocked on my door step. My opinion to the new generation for a first time buyer would be to choose maintenance and economical rather than looks and money. Yes, you right a vehicle is an assets! This depends if you don’t invest too much.

There are many good second-hand vehicles out there for under R50 000. Let’s talk about fuel efficiency first. Toyota 1300, Tazz or older year model conquest, light on fuel, small could suite many buyers. We could mention Golf 1.3 what they would call mark 1 shape. Again small vehicle, light on fuel and would suite many. Polo 1.4 fuel efficient has boot space and small as well. Uno 1.3 very small light on fuel would not suit many but a very nice run around vehicle for the city. Renault Clio, small, fuel efficient, would suit many. These are some of the vehicles in my opinion for fuel consumption which I would choose.

Maintenance-is a broad topic. Some vehicles are cheap on maintenance but not light on fuel. Most Toyota and golf parts are easier to find cheaper on maintenance with my experience as there is a lot of pirate parts on the market. However, in recent years I have found French vehicles such as your Renaults, Peugeot etc. These parts mostly come in original and very few pirate parts or aftermarket parts available on the market.

To summarize my opinion in the past I would of probably bought Toyota or Volkswagen for my 50k. in Today’s times I would choose French vehicles. They light on fuel not very cheap on maintenance or anybody panels for that matter. However, it’s a more expensive looking vehicle to the others, they as well have more luxury on there vehicle such as aircon, powersteering, electric windows, airbags for the same money which you would of maybe paid for your Toyota or Volkswagen.

The above article is purely my opinion and do not mean to offend any readers or enthusiast.

I would like to hear your opinions please share your experiences with us

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