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New Car Licensing Law comes into effect for all License users in November 2015

The above heading has crabbed my attention. This is the new law which came out in South Africa in November 2015. The Department of Transport has reported that License disc would not be renewed or even change of ownership could not be done without proof of residence.
How would this affect Vehicle Dealerships and private ownership of vehicles?

In my opinion it has a big impact on many things. For instance dealerships buy many vehicles at once how would they have access to proof of residence for all vehicles purchased? There are some owners on the road who don’t have any accounts on their name whatsoever. How do you go about buying a vehicle in a different province as well? I think businesses would be affected in some ways as well as private people. Which means you are not allowed to sell a vehicle on a family member’s behalf?

However, the laws seems to have been put into place for security and control measures.
I would like to hear your opinion on the new law.

Below is the new requirements for all vehicle users:
Full names, date of birth, identity number, and business registration number, along with any form of acceptable identification.
Proof of postal and residential address, by means of any utility account. As with RICA and FICA, if your name isn’t on the account you need an affidavit from the person in whose name the account is stating you live at that address.
If you live in an informal settlement, you need a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor confirming your postal and residential address.

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