Important to know when purchasing your vehicle

Important to Know When buying a vehicle.

Purchasing a vehicle is not an easy thing to do. There are many things which people do not know when purchasing a vehicle.
It is important when purchasing a 2nd hand vehicle to know the little things about any vehicle purchased.

The following is what to look out for so you know what you getting yourself into:

*When viewing the vehicle please ensure you ask the seller to start up the vehicle for you. If the vehicle has been driven a little while before you got there this could be determined by checking the heat cage of the vehicle. Always switch the vehicle off and start it again to see if the starter is ok of the vehicle.

*Ask the seller to pop the hood for you, I know you might not know what is going on there but the seller could help you with this. Most vehicles runs on water and oil. I would say this is the most important part of the vehicle. To check the oil of the vehicle it should be either a plastic round top or comes in metal and it looks like something you could pull. It is like a measuring stick and should be able to determine the oil levels of the vehicle. At the top of the motor there is a round top, this links the oil stick and would make much sense now. Screw the top off and ensure it is not creamy and don’t have a smell. This would give you an idea if the vehicle was recently serviced or not.

*when it comes to the water of the vehicle. This is not something anyone could check. The water levels are determined by a bottle usually on the side of the engine or at the front of the motor. This is linked to a radiator which in most cases sits in front of the motor as well. Please ensure you do not turn the cap of the radiator or water bottle as it could boil and burst if it’s too hot. The vehicle should at least stand stationery for 30mins before messing with the water. If the water levels are ok I would assume you could to go.

*Check if there are any oil/water leaks on the side of the motor or underneath.

*Time to test drive the vehicle. When test driving the vehicle, try to drive the vehicle in all its gears. This would give you a good idea of how the gearbox and clutch is of the vehicle. Please ensure you turn hard to the left and hard to the right. This would give you an idea of the cv joints of the vehicle. Make sure there is no rattles on the vehicle so do not put on the radio of the vehicle.

*when parking the vehicle at this point rev the vehicle and check that its not smoking. Also rev the vehicle to about 4/5 revs and ensure there is no sounds on the vehicle other than a clean motor.
The above should set you on your way as the basics of checking the vehicle. There are many other little things to check as well and remember it’s always best to get a 2nd opinion if you not sure of anything.

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