Ethics Morals Respect Dignity Honesty

‘Ethics, morals, respect, dignity, honesty ’

Does this still exist in the world???????????In South Africa in the past years many people had ethics, respect, morals, dignity and most importantly honesty.
I have recently had many bad experiences when doing business with various people on different occasions and even witnessed bad business deals. In the vehicle industry it’s not your ordinary business where you could for example buy new manufactured goods and resell them. Unfortunately, my game works on trust. I have bought a vehicle recently which I have sent for mechanical repairs. I have paid the gentlemen in full. He decided to strip the vehicle down and left the vehicle in pieces walking away from the job. A 2nd mechanic was called on the same job came half way and decided to take a walk as well after demanding money to complete the job. Where does this leave the customers?

Is your word your owner? Do you believe in a gentlemen’s agreement?

Unfortunately for me I have had many bad experiences with a gentlemen’s handshake. Let me share my experiences with you. I had many experiences when coming across buying goods and people agreeing with me on a price for the goods. Once walking away from the deal and following up on our agreement I have had the experience of people telling me that they sold the item because they got more and needed the money. I wouldn’t like to present myself as coming across as an individual who is Mr. Perfect. However, if I cannot accept the offer of someone on an item I would have not agreed to accepting the offer in the first place.

If you have had this kind of experience in your life please share it with us. I would like to hear your experiences good or bad.

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