My Bank Experiences

My Bank Experiences!

When doing an EFT Transfer from various banks in South Africa I have experienced various problems with transfers.

Please note: This is only my experiences, it does not mean it’s a common problem with our banks. I cannot be held responsible for anything said with my post.
A payment made from Fnb to Fnb clients what I experienced is that if it’s a first time payment it doesn’t reflect immediately. This also depends on the time the payment was made.

Fnb to any other bank reflects immediately if immediate payment was selected, however, Fnb to Fnb sometimes seem to not go through immediately if it’s a first time payment. This I am assuming is due to a block on their systems.

Nedbank, according to my experiences doesn’t offer immediate payment options but will reflect the very next day.

Standard bank, offers immediate payments but doesn’t always reflect immediately to other banks.

Capitec Bank, Does not offer immediate payments in my experience and payments could take up to 48hours to reflect.

It is important for people to know. When doing a transaction with people who you do not know. Please do not give off goods at least till the funds are reflected. Proof of payments are secure to a certain extent. However, the banks in most cases will not give you guarantee should the money not reflect into your account.

Please share your experiences with us.

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