1st time vehicle buyers

“1st time vehicle buyers who do not understand paper work”
I sold a Honda ballade 1997 model months ago. The gentlemen who bought the vehicle said he understands the paper work as he sells vehicles from home as well. He called me 2 months back informing me he sold the vehicle what should he do. I informed the gentlemen that he would first have to register the vehicle on his name as I have taken the vehicle off the company’s name already a while back and the licensing department would charge him a penalty for registering the vehicle late. He said thanks for the help he would get the paper work sorted. On the 8th September the gentlemen called me again to ask advice on the same vehicle. When selling the vehicle he provided the gentlemen with the registration documentation not registering the vehicle on his name first (filling out the blue form) as I have (completed the yellow form) which means according to the licensing department the vehicle was pending on the buyers name and no longer on the sellers name. The new owner of the vehicle has lost the paper work and now that vehicle cannot be sold to any1 for that matter.
Note: It is of utmost importance when purchasing a vehicle to ensure a yellow form as well as a blue form is completed. The licensing department would print new registration documents on the purchaser’s name. When selling the vehicle please ensure the same paper work is completed (yellow and blue forms for the new owner of the vehicle).

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