My First Beetle

My First beetle

As someone wants told me, ‘’everyone needs to own a beetle at some point in their life’’.

I had this great experience of owning my own Beetle. It’s original, green in colour and a wonderful piece of art. It’s a 1975 Beetle which is the 1 with 1 clock and has small indicators.

Not knowing much of the beetle or even its value for that matter till I owned it.

Things to know about a beetle:
It’s an economical 4 Cylinder 1600 engine, the engine is air cooled which pushes 58 Horsepower. The Beetle is equipped with a duel braking system and a 4 wheel independent suspension.

Saying the above means the vehicle does not take water. I am speaking under correction but it does seem the metal of the vehicle is stronger than later model vehicles. It’s unique in a sense that its boot sits in the front and engine sits at the back. It’s shaped differently to modern time vehicles with a very sharp back to other modern vehicles hatch.

Wants owning a Beetle. You would soon realize this vehicle turns more heads than a golf 7.

There are so little of these vehicle left on the road. Look after them if you have them. Or sell it to Trade in Depot:-)

Please share your beetle experience with us.


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